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Note: Answer keys are given at the end of the MCQs.

361. Methacholine challenge test is performed for the diagnosis of;
a- myasthenia gravis
b- asthma
c- premature ejaculation
d- glaucoma 
e- GIT motility disorders 

362. All of the following are the possible uses of opioids except one;
a- as preanesthetic medication
b- as cough drop
c- treats diarrhea
d- mitigates pain
e- treats inflammation

363. Ondansetron is used to prevent nausea and vomiting that may be caused by surgery, cancer chemotherapy, or radiation treatment. Ondansetron injection before administration may be diluted with the following solution for infusion;
a- 0.9% NaCl solution 
b- 5% dextrose solution 
c- 10% mannitol solution 
d- ringer's lactate solution
e- any of the above

364. A tablet blister machine operator complains of seasonal allergic rhinitis. Being a pharmacist, which one of the following antihistamines will you recommend?
a- diphenhydramine
b- dimenhydrinate
c- meclizine
d- chlorpheniramine
e- loratadine

365. The medical term 'menarche' indicates;
a- the first occurrence of ejaculation in men
b- the first occurrence of menstruation in women
c- the condition of hunchback in men
d- the absence of periods in women during pregnancy
e- the appearance of female characteristics in males

366. Phenacetin, a widely used analgesic, was banned in most countries from the late 1960s because it caused;
a- neuropathy
b- heart damage
c- liver damage
d- nephropathy
e- deafness

367. All of the following medications can be used  in a pregnant women with peptic ulcer problem except one which is reserved for refractory cases;
a- cimetidine
b- magaldrate
c- alginate compound
d- sucralfate
e- omeprazole

368. What is the pH of the human skin?
a- pH does not apply to skin
b- 5.5
c- varies between 3 and 9
d- neutral
e- 8 to 10

369. Which one of the following values on the pH scale can be said to be 'mildly basic'?
a- 2.0
b- 4.5
c- 6.9
d- 7.9
e- 12.1

370. During bacterial infections, anti-microbial therapy is needed. What is the minimum recommended duration of this therapy?
a- 1 day
b- 3 days
c- 5 days
d- 10 days
e- 14 days

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Answer Keys
MCQ # - Correct option
361- b
362- e
363- e
364- e
365- b
366- d
367- e
368- b
369- d
370- b