Saudi Pharmacist Licensing Exam Questions

Saudi Prometric SPLE exam preparation MCQs

76) Choose the one statement that best describes the role of colipase in lipolytic activity?
A) hydrolyzes cholesterol esters into cholesterol and free fatty acids
B) breaks down triglycerides into absorbable free fatty acids and glycerol
C) breaks down waxes into fatty acid and fatty alcohol
D) plays an important role in the degradation and excretion of phospholipids
E) functions as a cofactor for the optimal activity of pancreatic lipase enzyme

77) The effects of four antihypertensive drug classes (A-D) on the renin-angiotensin system are shown in the following table;

ParametersDrug ADrug BDrug CDrug D
    Renin Conc.    🠋    🠉    🠉    🠉
    Angiotensin-I Conc.    🠋    🠉    🠉    🠉
    Angiotensin-II Conc.    🠋    🠋     🠉    🠉
    Angiotensin Receptor    ---    ---    🠋   ---

Which class is represented by drug -B?
A Diuretics
B Direct Renin inhibitors
C Angiotensin II receptor blockers
D Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor
E) Adrenergics

78) The antihypertensive drug that is safe in breastfeeding mothers is;
a) Atenolol
b) Nadolol
c) Telmisartan 
d) Acebutolol
e) Metoprolol 

79) The BMI of an adult patient is calculated and it comes out to be 18.0. This result can be interpreted as;
a) the patient has a healthy body weight
b) the patient is overweight
c) this patient is underweight
d) the patient is on the verge of obesity
e) medically this patient is morbidly obese

80) The statement that is INCORRECT about paracetamol is;
a) maximum of eight 500mg tablets can be taken daily
b) it is safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding
c) long-term use is associated with increased rates of heart attack and kidney failure
d) it can increase blood pressure
e) its main metabolite is paracetamol sulfate 

81) The statement that is not true about hyaluronic acid?
a) oral hyaluronic supplementation is not recommended in people who have a history of cancer
b) hyaluronic acid has no role in healing wounds
c) naturally present in eyes and joint fluids
d) reduces skin wrinkles and keeps it stretched
e) it is found in citrus fruits

82) Ibuprofen is a;
a) salicylic acid derivative
b) propionic acid derivative
c) anthranilic acid derivative
d) pyrazolone derivative
e) acetic acid derivative

83) Colloidal silicon dioxide that is marketed as AEROSIL is widely used in the manufacture of powders, capsules, and tablets. What role does this pharmaceutical excipient play?
a) improves solubility in water
b) decreases the viscosity of the formulation during manufacturing
c) reduces the particle size of powders
d) enhance the flowability of a powder
e) gives a shiny agreeable appearance to the final product

84) The aminoglycoside antibiotic that is used as a first-line anti-TB drug is;
a) amikacin
b) tobramycin
c) streptomycin
d) kanamycin 
e) neomycin

85) Which carbohydrate among the following is made up of two molecules of glucose?
a) lactose
b) sucrose
c) maltose
d) mannose
e) fructose

86) The example of a non-nutritive sweetener is;
a) Saccharin 
b) Sucralose 
c) Aspartame 
d) Aspartame 
e) all of the above

87) The maximum daily dose of alprazolam for the management of panic disorder in adults is;
a) 1.5 mg
b) 3 mg
c) 4 mg
d) 10 mg
e) 15 mg

88) Which chemical constituent is NOT naturally obtained from the opium poppy plant?
a- codeine
b- thebaine
c- papaverine 
d- noscapine
e- theophylline

89) The area of the brain that is responsible for the control of vision and recognition is;
a- frontal lobe
b- temporal lobe
c- occipital lobe
d- parietal lobe
e- limbic lobe

90) Which of the following means that individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information needed to make appropriate health decisions?
A) Health literacy
B) Cultural competency
C) Communication skills
D) professional communication
E) Health proficiency

91) Against drugs, their usual indications are given. Which one is actually an INCORRECT match?
a- orlistat: obesity
b- alendronate: osteoporosis
c- tadalafil: COPD
d- theophylline: asthma
e- flutamide: antiandrogen

92) One of the classes of skeletal muscle relaxants is neuromuscular junction (NMJ) blockers. Identify the depolarizing NMJ blockers from among the following agents?
a- atracurium
b- tubocurarine
c- gallamine
d- decamethonium
e- rocuronium

93) Auranofin would be in which classification of drugs?
a- angiotensin 2 receptor blockers
b- disease-modifying antirheumatic agents
c- 3rd-generation antihistamines
d- 5th-generation cephalosporins
e- cytotoxic antimetabolites

94) A diabetic patient has developed hypoglycemia as a consequence of taking his prescribed medications. To treat this, 500 mL IV D5W is given. Calculate the amount of dextrose in the dispensed IV bag?
a- There are 5 grams of dextrose in this bag
b- There are 25 grams of dextrose in this bag
c- There are 50 grams of dextrose in this bag
d- There are 250 grams of dextrose in this bag
e- There are 500 grams of dextrose in this bag

95) Chondroitin sulfate which is one of the building blocks of cartilage is composed of the repeating units of;
a) hyaluronic acid
b) glucuronic acid
c) sulfated glucosamine
d) uronic acid
e) glucosamine and uronic acid

96) The HYPERTONIC solution(s) among the following is(are);
a- 3 % NaCl
b- 0.9 % NaCl
c- 5 % Dextrose in water
d- 0.45 % NaCl
e- both a and c

97) The mechanism of action of Alprazolam includes all of the following but one;
a) binds to the BNZ-1 receptors mediating sedation and anti-anxiety effects 
b) alprazolam binds to the BNZ-2 receptors producing ant-convulsive activity
c) alprazolam binds to GABA-A receptors
d) binds to GABA-B receptors producing stabilization
e) increased neuronal membrane permeability to chloride ions

98) Recall the skeletal structures of the various NSAID compounds and identify the one that has a single benzene ring in it?
a- ibuprofen
b- naproxen
c- piroxicam
d- indomethacin
e- diclofenac

99) Brainstorming your professional pharmaceutical knowledge, which statement is gravely distorted?
a- Calcium daily dose in men above 70 years old is 1200 mg
b- Basic drugs are better absorbed from the stomach
c- A heavy machine operator with runny nose can take cetirizine
d- GCT is performed in pregnancy to screen for gestational diabetes
e- Varicella vaccine must be kept at freezing temperatures

100) Relative sweetness of Sucrose to Sucralose is;
a) 1 : 200
b) 1 : 400
c) 1 : 600
d) 1 : 800
e) 1 : 10,000

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