computer fundamentals mcqs
computer mcqs for pharmacists

1. CD, DVD, and floppy disk are all examples of;
a- storage media
b- input devices
c- output devices
d- both b and c
e- none of the above

2. Typically the size of a compact disk (CD) in diameter is about;
a- 2.6 inches
b- 3.2 inches
c- 3.8 inches
d- 4.7 inches
e- 5.3 inches

3. How many concurrent users approximately can a server handle?
a- 250
b- 400
c- 450
d- 500
e- depends on several factors

4. The storage capacity of a compact disk (CD) is about;
a- 500 MB
b- 700 MB
c- 1000 MB
d- 1 GB
e- 1.5 GB

5. What is the maximum storage capacity of a floppy disk?
a- 80 kilobytes
b- 144 kilobytes
c- 500 kilobytes
d- 1.44 megabytes
e- 7 megabytes

6. Microsoft Corporation developed the Disk Operating System (DOS) for the IBM Personal Computer in;
a- 1981
b- 1975
c- 1985
d- 1991
e- 1995

7. Which of the following area performs hazardous tasks with the help of computerized robotic arms?
a- ICU in hospitals 
b- film shooting industry 
c- manufacturing industries
d- construction companies
e- oil and gas rigs

8. The most common types of available floppy disks according to their size are;
a- 3.5-inch disks
b- 5.25-inch disks
c- 4.6-inch disks
d- both a and b
e- both b and c

9. The type of computer that is used for tasks that require a lot of processing power, such as 3D modeling, animation, and video editing is;
a- supercomputer
b- workstation
c- mainframe
d- embedded computer
e- microcomputer 

10. The suitable type of computer to perform census will be;
a- supercomputer
b- workstation
c- mainframe computer
d- embedded computer
e- microcomputer 

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Answer Keys
MCQ # - Correct option

1- a
2- d
3- e
4- b
5- d
6- a
7- c
8- d
9- b
10- c