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37 Important Pharmaceutical Calculations Formulas
This video attempts to cover the most important pharmaceutical calculations formulas that are useful in the hospital pharmacy and community pharmacy settings as well as in solving calculation questions in professional pharmacy exams, PEBC, KAPS, NAPLEX , MOH, HAAD, SLE and others.

Twelve Beneficial Drug-Drug Interactions
This video takes a look into 12 beneficial drug-drug interactions and also tries to explain in some detail the benefits of taking these drugs together.

Top 10 Adverse Drug Interactions That Every Pharmacist SHOULD Remember by Heart
This video tries to provide a glimpse into the 10 most important drug-drug interactions from safety point of view and thus qualifies to be remembered by every pharmacist for exams and also for the safety of their patients.

Best ways of taking STATINS generally and particularly
The anti-hyperlipidemic drugs STATINS ways of administration generally as a group and as a particular statin. Why C is the correct answer to this MCQ? explained in this video.

Eight Important Aspects of Drugs that every Pharmacist should be Aware of
This video tries to look at the 8 most important aspects of drugs that every pharmacist should be aware of in the line of their profession...

This Type of Smoking is Not Injurious to Health - All Smokers Should Try This
Public Service Message: Best way of smoking. All smokers should try this method. It is far more beneficial than regular cigarettes. It is ACTUALLY smoking 'oxygen cigarettes'.

Roles of Vitamins in Our Bodies - Water and Fat Soluble Vitamins
This video aims at discussing the roles of vitamins they play in our bodies. The video first reveals the roles of water soluble vitamins (i.e. Vitamin B and C) and then goes on to discuss the roles of fat-soluble vitamins (i.e. Vitamin A, D, E and K) they perform in our systems.

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